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Business Office Manager

The Business Office Manager is responsible for all financial transactions and reconciliations as well as business office record keeping with the facility, supervising any subordinates and providing customer service to our residents and families.

Education & Experience:
This position typically requires either an associate degree or a minimum of 3 years of experience functioning as the payroll, clerk and accounts payable (A/P) clerk.

Salary Average

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Admissions Coordinator


The Admissions Coordinator ensures all aspects of resident care including admissions, discharges, resident assessments and care plans with residents, residents’ families, staff and administration. They often provide facility tours and serve as a liaison between hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers who provide patient referrals to the facility.

Education & Experience:
This position often requires an associate degree in business with a bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent work experience in a healthcare environment with a focus on community relations.

Salary Average

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Regional Director of Admissions

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